Custom-Made Gown Process

1. **Determine Your Style and Budget**
- Identify your preferred style and budget for your custom gown.

2. **Book Your Consultation**
- Schedule your consultation based on your selected style and budget. Please note that styles can be customized to your preferences, including tops and bottoms.

3. **Zoom Consultation**
- Attend a Zoom consultation to discuss the details of your gown with Binta.

4. **Sketch Approval**
- After the consultation, Binta will provide a final sketch of your gown for your approval.

5. **Fabric Selection**
- We will send you fabric choices tailored to your style and budget. After you select your fabrics, a deposit is required within two weeks to avoid any delays in the process.
- Fabric delivery typically takes 2-3 weeks. You will receive pictures and videos of the fabrics upon their arrival.

6. **Down Payment**
- Before purchasing the selected fabrics, we kindly request a 50% down payment. Please note that this down payment is non-refundable once the fabric is purchased. Additionally, the $100 paid at the time of booking will be deducted from the down payment and is also non-refundable.

7. **Schedule Fittings**
- Once the fabric arrives, your first fitting will be scheduled within 4 to 6 weeks. The second (final) fitting will be scheduled on the day of your first fitting.

8. **Fittings and Adjustments**
- During your fittings, you can discuss any details, changes, or additions. Note that it can be challenging to send pictures during the fitting process, but you will receive images before the final pick-up of your dress.

9. **Payment Schedule**
- At your last fitting, 50% of the remaining balance is due. The final balance is due a week before pick-up or at the time of pick-up. Payments can also be made throughout the process.

10. **Appointment Timeliness**
- Please be punctual for your appointments. If you are late by 15-20 minutes for your one-hour appointment, it will need to be rescheduled to avoid inconveniencing the next client.
- If we need to change your appointment, you will be notified a week in advance. Any changes with less than a week's notice will result in a $100 discount on your dress.
- If your dress is ready for pick-up, the full payment is due, and a daily storage fee of $20 will be applied. We cannot hold dresses once they are ready.

11. **Free Shipping**
- As part of our commitment to exceptional customer service, we provide free shipping for all our custom-made gowns. Your gown will be carefully packaged and delivered to your specified location.


**Wedding Dress Price Range**

Our wedding dresses range from $1800 to $2300. These gowns are beaded lace, long, and available with either a nude or fully built-in corset. Some gowns can also include rhinestones and custom beaded tops. Please note that the final price will be determined by Binta after your consultation, as it depends significantly on your fabric choices. The dresses shown in the pictures are samples to give you an idea of the prices and styles available.

$2500 -UP

**High-End Couture Wedding Dresses (Over $2500)**

Our wedding dresses priced over $2500 are high-end couture pieces, featuring exquisite details such as intricate beading, stones, appliqués, and custom handmade laces. These gowns include either a nude or fully built-in corset, ensuring a perfect fit and luxurious feel. These premium wedding dresses exemplify the finest craftsmanship and materials, offering a truly unique and stunning option for your special day.

Please note that all final prices will be determined after the consultation with Binta, as they depend significantly on your fabric choices and specific customizations.